Lorene from Ohio

Well, my daughter Theresa is my current. She is 43 years of age and I am her sole caregiver. My daughter suffers from cerebral palsy. For the most part she can do quite a bit on her own. She feeds herself, bathes herself and can dress herself with assistance. Through it all she is an inspiration to me because given her limitations, she is happy and well adjusted. She keeps a smile on her face. Through the years I took care of my Dad, my Mom and my 30 year partner. Through it all I am thankful that I was able to take care of my family. I have given my life to that purpose to care for my daughter and my family. She and her younger sister at 16 years of age make it to my room every night to kiss me goodnight. That tells me I must be doing something right. Even though the others are gone before us I get great pride and love caring for my daughters and granddaughters. After my partner passed I lost a big piece of myself, but all of my girls are helping me to get it back together. These days I don't get around that well so my youngest told me the other day it was my turn to allow someone to take care of me. She put up a great argument there. I could only be quiet and allow her the chance to do just that for me. With the love of my family and God I know we will all be okay in the end.

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