Cyndie from Wisconsin

I always longed to have time with my parents and truly get to know them as adults. I moved out when I was 18 and circumstances and distance kept us apart. I truly believe God gives us the desires of our heart. After 28 yrs of marriage and raising Five daughters and a grandson we thought we would finally have some alone time, but God had other plans for us. My father had a stroke and we brought him from PA to live with us. A year later my mother could not live alone and she too moved in with us from Florida. They were divorced for About 20 years and never dreamed they would once again be living in the same household for the next two years. I know they were not placed with me to care for them only but to teach me patience and selfless love. It hasn't been an easy road at times. I continue to work a full time job as an at risk teacher's aide and my husband has been so supportive and helpful. Dad is now 91 confined to a wheelchair and mom has gone to a nearby nursing home. I've cared for dad for 7 years now and mom has been here 6 years and I am so thankful for this time I have with them, knowing each day is a gift and I am so thankful I got to know my parents and have this precious time with them.

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