Richard from Texas

Sylvia is my wife of almost 48 years now. I began caring for her back in 2013 when I noticed that she was needing help paying the bills, especially that one time she forgot to pay the mortgage. Also, at that time, her cooking skills began to deteriorate from the standpoint of forgetting to add certain ingredients to recipes.

Another significant symptom oh her Alzheimer's dementia was that she began to forget and misplace her things. She would constantly misplace her handbag, her cane, her keys, etc. Once she even left her handbag in church and we would not have known if our son had not retrieved it and brought it to her.

She now needs my help with dressing. If left to her own devices, it would take her an hour or more to even put on casual clothes to go out for the day.

The biggest thing that I would like help with is for someone to stay with her at home for 2-3 hours so I can get away for R&R once a week. My son has been telling me this now for at least a year, and recently one of my friends told me the same thing and offered to take me fishing with him.

Thank you so much not only for this opportunity to ventilate, but also thank god for AARP! You all have done so much for older people in so many ways!

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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