Francesca from Florida

I moved from CT to Florida with my husband and son to follow to care for my mother who had turned 80, in 2011, leaving a life of 60 years, a home of 27 years and friends of 30 years or more. She lived 45 min from my home in her 3 bedroom home, that was 29 min from my work as a teacher. She no longer drove after about 9 mos. I drove there every day after work to do her groceries, pay bills, maintain her home and monitor her eating and healthcare and medicines. Spent weekends looking for a condo near my home to move her. Finally found one and it was very stressful giving away her furniture and 22 years if things. It was still stressful after moving her as she got adjusted and had to learn how to to unlock door and use the appliances tv etc. many repairs needed. Daily calls while at work to her doctors, arranging rides to them. Still continues and gets more intense every month. I am working, planning my daughters wedding, taking courses for work and caring for her. In the last 2 months, she came down with an eye problem, shingles and an autoimmune disease. Brought her to 8 opthamologist visits, 2ER visits, 2 primary care and specialist visit while still working, going to chiropractor myself and making her meals paying bills and caring for her dog. I pray for a break or vacation. Ask my husband to take her to dr as she cannot explain or understand. Had paid cousin to care for her but found I was still doing much and she would not pay for caregiver.

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