Liz from Alabama

I care for dad, his name is Len and he is 68 years old. He is in poor health from years of drinking and his body is worn out and giving up and things don't want to work they way they're intended to. He drinks at least 12 pack and a bottle a day and the doctor said he needs to quit or die but he says that an Irishman never quits drinking he just goes out with a bottle in his hand and a smile on his face. Dad is happiest at the local pub where everybody buys a round and talks about the old days when they could do something other than drink away their lives. Dad said he'd be happy if he died while having a shot, right on the bar stool and that we can just encase him in concrete and make him a statue for the bar like a cigar store Indian. He said he will be the Pubs mascot Irishman. I'd throw up if I drank 1/4 as much as he does on a daily basis, I'd be dead already. I make sure dad eats when he gets home, gets his heartburn pills and hydrates with water. I bring him home every night from the pub or I pay for a cab if I have to work. He's been this way my whole life, I don't see him changing now so I just love him the way he is, care for his needs the best I can and let him live his life the way that he's happiest.

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