Scott from Florida

My name is Scott and I have been disabled for 5 years and I suffer due to being adopted to very abusive parents when I was 6 months old. I suffer with ptsd and depression and also physical problems due to a car accident and being with my adoptive parents. I met a lady through the Internet about 8 years ago and immediately feel in love with her. We enjoy life but then 4 years ago, the love of my life got diagnosed that she had breast cancer. I go with her to her many appointments, she had her right breast removed and had 22 lymph nodes removed in her arm and wears a compression sleeve. She had 6 rounds of chemo before her surgery and had radiation which was very hard on her. For the last 4 years she still receives chemo every 21 days and cancer spread more, went in her lung so she is also on a once of day chemo pill. She stays positive and she tries to keep me positive! About 5 months ago, her father who was 89 years old got sick, her parents took me in and I never met such wonderful people, I help my lady take care of her parents since we have been together because they are the parents that I wish I had growing up, so we do grocery shopping and anything else they need. Her mom is 87 years old and they were married 68 years! Well when her father got sick and had to go to the hospital, since she spent a lot of time with her family, I did all the other things so she could concentrate on her parents. When her dad came out, I helped her with changing his wounds everyday and all this through her cancer treatments. Her Dad passed away and now it's hard for her to keep beating her cancer and helping her mom through everything. I love my family and am depressed also because her dad and mom said I am the son that they never had! Sometimes it's difficult for me to get through my own mental and physical problems but because they are wonderful people, I continue to help and always try to be there for her and her mom.